Read ‘N’ Quiz 2023-2024

September 5, 2022

Students are encouraged to read a book and answer questions about what they read on the Read ‘N’ Quiz website, located on the East Montgomery School Webpage. (Once there, click on the library media center) Then, they will earn points that turn into Book Bucks which can be used towards fabulous prizes! (Prize menu located on the library media center webpage.)  

Student’s will log into the Read ‘N’ Quiz program by using their CMCSS email user name. For example first name.last name + 3 numbers (Do not use the  Their password is the same password they use to log into their school computers.

Grade Level Goals for the Year

PreK: 5 pts

Kindergarten: 10 pts                

1st grade: 15 pts                            

2nd grade: 25 pts

3rd grade: 50 pts

4th grade: 75 pts

 5th grade: 100 pts