August 2019 News

August 26th, 2019

Attendance Reminder for All Parents and Students

Please remember the importance of your child attending school all day, every day!  In order for a student to be counted present for the entire day, students must be at school for at least 3 hours and 31 minutes.  If you want your child counted present for the day, you cannot sign them out before 12:06 in the afternoon.  If you need to come to school late one day, you must arrive before 12:04 to be counted present for the entire school day!  We want to encourage families to try to schedule appointments for students after school or on school holidays, if at all possible.  Remember, those students who do not miss a day of school and who do not receive a tardy or get dismissed early, will be recognized each 9 weeks as one of our “All Day, Every Day Tigers!”  They will receive a special surprise!