Important Car Circle Information- Please Read

September 5, 2020

Important Car Circle Information! It is important to have your car tag hanging up and visable in your car, any time you are in Car Circle. If you do not have your car tag, you must park in the parking lot and walk into the school to sign your child out through the front office. Safety is our utmost concern! We cannot release a student in Car Circle to any car that does not have their car tag displayed. Please help your child memorize their car tag number. This simple request will make afternoon pick-up flow smoothly and as quickly as possible. Please also make sure you child is able to unbuckle their seat belt and knows how to open and close the car door. Parents and guardians are to remain in their cars at all times!

For our new parents and as a reminder for our returning parents, we want to remind everyone the way Car Circle should work and flow each day. It is important that everyone follows the directions. It will help keep as much traffic as possible off of McAdoo Creek Road and it will help keep Car Circle flowing and make it fair for everyone. Do not ever block the Fire Station garages. The fire trucks need to be able to enter and exit as needed, without having to worry about traffic blocking them in. Please review the below diagram and directions to see how Car Circle should work each afternoon! We really appreciate your help and cooperation with following the proper traffic flow pattern.

2020-2021 EMES Car Circle Program

***GOAL:  To safely drop off and pick up all students each school day, while attempting to keep McAdoo Creek Road clear for passing traffic.

PARENTS, GUARDIANS, etc.  (Please read this in its entirety and look at the map to fully understand):

Upon your arrival to our campus in the morning and/or afternoon, please asses the Car Circle situation and position  your vehicle in the appropriate place depending on one of the following conditions:

  1. If the main two lanes are NOT backed up to McAdoo Creek Road and there are NO vehicles parked in the Overflow Lot, proceed into either of the main two lanes; OR
  2. If the main two lanes are NOT backed up to McAdoo Creek Road and there are vehicles parked in the Overflow Lot, proceed to the Overflow Lot and park in the lowest parking stall number available.  (Parking stalls are numbered 1, 2, 3…all the way to 10)

When using the Overflow Lot, please remember:

  1. Vehicles parked in the parking stalls enter the main two lanes of the Car Circle line in the order they arrived.  For example, Stall #1 goes first, Stall #2 goes second, and so on.
  2. All vehicles need to pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD in the parking stall, so as to allow three (3) vehicles to fit in each parking stall.
  3. In a situation where the parking stalls are emptying into the main two lanes when you arrive, please pull into the available parking stall to the RIGHT of all vehicles already there.  Example:  If parking stall #4 is pulling into the main two lanes and the parking stalls are filled all the way to parking stall #8, then you would pull into parking stall #9.  If all parking stalls to the RIGHT are full, then you would park in parking stall #1, #2, etc. depending on availability.