October 2019 News

October 15th, 2019

Time to Order Your Yearbooks- Online Deadline-March 11, 2020

It is time to order your yearbooks.  This year, we are ordering our yearbooks from Pictavo.  You have the option of choosing a hard cover yearbook or a soft cover yearbook.  Soft cover yearbooks cost $15 without personalization.  If you would like your name engraved on your yearbook, then the cost is $19.  Hardcover yearbooks cost $20 without personalization.  The cost of a hardcover yearbook with personalization is $24.  Don’t miss out!  Order your yearbook online today! The last day to order yearbooks online is March 11, 2020.  The link to order your yearbook is:  https://commpe.pictavo.com/PictavoSchool/FindSchool